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Design + Embed Comms

About Us

The way we work, where we work, and how we work has fundamentally changed.


Our teams are spread out all over the place - and an awesome approach to comms is our only hope of driving connection, purpose, collaboration and fun amongst our workforce.

For internal comms to be truly effective - there must be a strategic approach ... one that actually focusses on engaging people, is designed well (embedded) and aligned with your business goals.

How exsona can support you 

exsona's helps you study and assess existing comms approach. We'll work with you to create an effective strategy, tactics and tools. We'll help you create striking internal branding that engages your people.  And, we'll provide a clear process and steps to help leaders, internal communications and HR practitioners develop and deploy internal communications strategies.

What now? 

Book a free 30mins 

Click here to schedule a free 30mins consult. It's a great way to meet, discuss your needs and learn about what we do. 

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Download our paper

The Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Guide is a free eBook we wrote to help leaders design their own wellbeing strategy.

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Check out our podcast

Our Let's Talk About EX podcast features a variety of experts who share tips, ideas and successful strategies.


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Let's Talk

If you're looking to improve your culture, let's talk. We'd love to meet you, learn about your company and see how we can support.

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