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Catch Me at The Customer Show!

I'll be speaking at the Customer Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on 4th May 2022.

The Customer Show is the largest & leading exhibition for the customer experience industry across Australia & NZ and expects 1000+ people!

It's an awesome show with a fantastic line-up of speakers, and I'm really excited (and a little bit nervous) to speaking on the Employee Experience (EX) Program.

Of course, I'll be sharing some EX tips and tricks, but will be spending most of my time walking-through a strategy and model for measuring and aligning EX and CX.

It's quite interesting to be invited to speak at an event that's solely focussed on Customer Experience - but, the links between EX and CX are clearer than ever before. And, it seems like employees (and employee culture) are one of the most important yet undervalued or underutilised assets in external reach strategies.

I caught up with the CX Focus team a few weeks ago to discuss this, and also why Employee Experience should be a number one priority this year for companies in Australia.

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