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Wellbeing Strategy

Workplace wellbeing is more important now than ever before. It’s a clear factor in employees’ decisions and motivates people to join, stay or leave a company. 


There are many ways workplace wellbeing has been described. But, put simply - workplace wellbeing is about ‘how well we feel at work’. And, how we feel at work contributes to our levels of motivation, performance and desire to stay. 


Prioritising wellbeing makes sense. 


It makes business sense, of course, as it helps companies save on costs associated with absenteeism, attrition, workers' compensation, productivity, mistakes/ errors and recruitment. 

But, it’s also common sense - because: 


  • Looking after your people is the right thing to do.

  • Healthier people typically perform better.

  • Better wellbeing improves a group’s ability to show-up, focus and collaborate.

  • Poor wellbeing leads to more mistakes, errors and calamities.

  • A great approach to wellbeing improves your position as an employer of choice.

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Whilst Head of EX at Youi, I lead my team to win 3 x HR Awards for 'Best Health and Wellbeing Program' in Australia.

How exsona can support you 


Is wellbeing something you can influence? Hell yes, and we can help you. 


We’ll work with you to understand your key wellbeing challenges and opportunities, and design (or re-design) an effective and aligned wellbeing strategy and program. 


With the right insights and alignment, we’ll aim to:


  • Improve happiness by providing opportunities for your people to develop positive practices to support their physical, financial, career, social and community wellbeing. 

  • Reduce risk - remove and control the workplace factors that impact people’s wellbeing. 

  • Support people to get better - have a sound approach to helping people who are sick or injured to return to health.


Our priority is to provide real, measurable results - and actually improve health outcomes for your people. That’s something unique we bring to this program of work - and we’ve won a number of award in this area for doing exactly that.


If you’re looking to make an impact in wellbeing - take a look at our Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Guide. And, book a chat with us!  We’d be delighted to talk to you about your approach, and help out.

What now? 

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