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Our Story

Our backstory 

exsona was founded by Ryan McGrory, one of Australia's most successful leaders in Employee Experience, workplace wellbeing and HR tech. With over a decade of experience leading world-class teams and designing award-winning strategies and products, Ryan started exsona with a mission of making workplaces happier.

Our Name.

The word exsona is like a mash-up of two things. The 'ex' stands for 'employee experience' and  'sona' is the Irish word for 'happy.' So, our name really shows what we're about ... happy employee experiences. 

Our Work.

We help improve culture and wellbeing at work with simple strategies that put smiles on faces and results on the board.

Our Values

We get to know you and the problem

We make hard stuff simple

We fix things worth fixing

We care about what we do

Our Vision

We exist to make workplaces and the people in them ‘smiley-er’

Let's Talk

If you're looking to improve your culture, let's talk. We'd love to meet you, learn about your company and see how we can support.


Our Clients

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