Employee Communications

Transform Your Internal Communications

Crafting Meaningful Conversations in Your Organisation

Revolutionise your internal communication with our comprehensive Employee Communications service. From strategy overhaul to campaign design and content creation, we ensure your messages resonate and engage your workforce.

Communication Strategy Development

Create or revamp your communication strategy to align with organisational goals and employee needs.

Campaign Design and Execution

Design specific communication campaigns that effectively convey key messages and initiatives.

Content Frameworks and Management

Develop robust content frameworks and calendars for consistent and impactful messaging.
Challenges we solve

Enhancing Organisational Communication

Provide guidance and materials for effective communication during organisational changes.

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We'll review your existing strategy or approach, rate it's effectiveness and complete a needs analysis.

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We can create anything - from bespoke internal brands to impactful (and measurable) campaigns ... and all the content to go with it.

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Design custom playbooks, guides, and strategies tailored to your communication needs.

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We can help you get the most out of an internal launch or activation by designing communcations that meet the mark.

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We help you go from chaos to clarity and create an easy-to-execute strategy for all your channels and tactics.

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University of the Sunshine Coast

I have had the opportunity to work with exsona on some key projects recently, including an employee onboarding refresh. They bring immense enthusiasm and EX knowledge to every conversation and are 100% the people you want to have on your te
Amy Parkinson
Employee Experience and Events Manager, nib

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