Employer Branding

Crafting Your Unique Employer Brand

Stand Out in the Talent Marketplace

Redefine your identity with our Employer Branding services. From strategy development to brand identity design, we provide comprehensive solutions to elevate your employer brand and attract top talent.

Brand Strategy Development

Develop a robust employer brand strategy that aligns with your organisation’s vision and mission.

Brand Identity Design

Create a visually appealing and consistent brand identity that resonates with both current and prospective employees.

Communication and Execution

Equip your team with all necessary communication tools, including a brand playbook, templates, and a content calendar.
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Enhancing Your Employer Brand

Strategic planning services to help your businesses define and articulate your unique employer value proposition (EVP) and brand identity.

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We create solutions to optimise the candidate journey, from recruitment to onboarding, ensuring a positive and memorable experience for applicants.

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We develop strategies and campaigns to promote your employer brand internally and externally, leveraging various channels such as social media, employer review sites, and employee advocacy programs.

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We'll crafting a compelling EVP that attracts and retains top talent by highlighting your culture, values, benefits, and opportunities.

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We conduct evaluations of your current employer branding efforts, including online presence, employer reputation, and employee feedback, to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

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We provide training sessions and workshops for HR teams and leadership to educate them on the importance of employer branding and equip them with tools and techniques to enhance the organization's reputation as an employer of choice.

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University of the Sunshine Coast

Exsona are experts...they were the perfect partners for us - great to get along with, they really know their stuff and took the time to get to know us.
Kristie Husk
Talent Acquisition Manager, University of the Sunshine Coast

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