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My Story

Hi! I'm Ryan McGrory, founder of exsona.

For over ten years, I've been designing successful strategies and developing impactful programs to improve workplace culture.

My work in employee experience, employee engagement, wellbeing, product design, research and people analytics is recognised internationally as best-in-class. 

I like helping organisations improve how they attract, retain and engage their people ... and be true employers of choice.

And, that's why I've founded exsona ... to do just that.

My Approach

exsona exists to improve happiness - the happiness of employees, leaders and organisations. 

My approach is to work with what's available - being resourceful - and enabling teams to continuously improve.

I take a 'heart and head' approach with what I do, relying on creativity and insightful data, with a human touch (and, a bit of fun too.) 

When it comes to Employee Experience, I like to think I have it all covered, but check out my services below ... and if you need support, a sounding board or more info - let's chat! 



Employee Experience Design

We work with you to design the ideal employee experience at each part of the lifecycle - from recruitment to onboarding ...from career development to performance mastery, all the way to the eventual exit. We'll help you define and improve the moments that matter at your organisation.   

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Culture Assessments + Research

We help you study and assess your organisational culture with meaningful measurements, impactful insights and recommendations. We can also support your team, departments and entire company to understand key areas for improvement. 

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Health and Wellness Strategy

Wellbeing and work-life balance is what Australian employees are looking for first in an employer right now. We can help you re-shape your wellness strategy or create a bespoke health and wellbeing program that will help attract and retain your people ... and improve lives.

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Design and Embed Comms

Internal communication, branding and employer voice have become critical - particularly if you want to let your culture, values and purpose come to life. I work with you to create the right  strategy and tactics to reach your people and communicate at a high-level ... with purpose and character. 

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Coaching and Mentoring

Group and individual coaching opportunities. Whether it's one-off or ongoing, we can support your development in a variety of disciplines. 

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Years of Experience

There are very few people with over ten years of solid experience in this field. This is why exsona stands out.

Our experience is in working with individuals and teams to produce world-class results - whether that's CEOs or practitioners, leadership teams or in-house influencers, we have results and 'experience' enabling whoever we work with to improve their culture, strategies and approaches.  

Internationally Recognised

You'll be working with Ryan, who has twice been named on the Employee Engagement Awards '101 Global Influencers' list - alongside the likes of Richard Branson and Josh Bersin. 

Also, in Ryan's previous role as Head of EX at Youi, he led one of the most innovative HR teams in Australia - and has clocked up 7 x HR Awards (in as many years) for his work in HR strategy, wellbeing, technology, gamification and recognition. 

Wicked Skillset

I love data and analytics. I love behavioural science and behaviour change. I love strategy and planning. I love brand and communications ... and, I have experience and expertise in each. So whether it's an end-to-end project, or you just need help measuring, analysing, creating, communicating or uplifting something - I can be there with you. 



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