Workplace Wellness Program

Transform Workplace Wellbeing Effortlessly

A Proven, Award-Winning Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Leveraging a decade of award-winning experience, Exsona's Workplace Wellness Program is a comprehensive solution designed to swiftly elevate your organisation's wellbeing strategy, tackling absenteeism, turnover, and employee health.

Multi-Award Winning Programs

Crafted from ten years of success in creating transformative wellness programs, recognised by HRD and Deakin University* as best-in-class.

Comprehensive Wellbeing Strategy

Everything you need to launch and sustain a wellness program; strategy, calendar, and communication pack, tailored to your organisational culture.

Quick Setup for Immediate Impact

Designed for rapid deployment, our Wellness Program provides all the tools and resources for a successful wellness solution.
Challenges we solve

Elevating Your Wellbeing Approach

Tailor-made solutions that align with your industry specifics and organisational ethos, ensuring maximum resonance and effectiveness.

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Benefit from our expert team's insights with ready-to-use blogs, persona guides, and a 'Pitch to Exec' presentation for stakeholder alignment.

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Develop bespoke communication strategies to effectively promote and sustain engagement in your wellbeing initiatives, ensuring every message resonates.

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Engage employees with quizzes, events, and challenges, complemented by easy-to-use guides for measuring participation and success.

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Continuous assistance from the Exsona team, ensuring your wellbeing program remains dynamic and evolves with your organisation's needs.

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Utilize the wellbeing survey to gather critical insights and feedback, enabling continuous improvement and personalisation of the program to better meet employee needs.

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Free resources


Guide To People Strategy

Blog Post

10 Critical Questions HR Leaders Must Ask When Selecting Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Case study

"I cannot speak highly enough of Exsona and their exceptional work in supporting ADCO's wellbeing program. Their expertise, dedication, and creative approach have been instrumental in crafting a comprehensive well-being strategy that aligns perfectly with our organization's values and objectives.
Kellie Mackay
Business Improvement Manager, ADCO

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