We help organisations elevate wellbeing at work

Our services

Our goal is to help you improve culture and wellbeing at work with simple strategies that put smiles on faces and results on the board. We consult, we build programs, we deliver strategies. We work with you to deliver results.

Employee Wellbeing

Our Employee Wellbeing service nurtures a healthy and supportive work environment to keep your people well, present and engaged. We offer comprehensive solutions, including strategy, program development, ready to run activities, promotional material, diagnostic assessments, and specialised training.

Exsona's Psychosocial Hazard Assessment

Navigate the complexities of workplace wellbeing with Exsona’s cutting-edge psychosocial hazard assessment tool. Meet legal requirements effortlessly while fostering a culture of care and compliance.

Employee Experience

We specialise in EX strategy, management, and design, incorporating research, journey mapping, listening strategies, and implementation of engagement initiatives. So whether you want to reduce turnover, reduce absenteeism or just help your people feel happier at work, we can help.

The Wellbeing Practical Pack

Leveraging a decade of award-winning experience, Exsona's Wellbeing Practical Pack is a comprehensive solution designed to swiftly elevate your organisation's wellbeing strategy, tackling absenteeism, turnover, and employee health.

Employee Communications

Revolutionise your internal communication with our comprehensive Employee Communications service. From strategy overhaul to campaign design and content creation, we ensure your messages resonate and engage your workforce.

Employer Branding

Redefine your identity with our Employer Branding services. From strategy development to brand identity design, we provide comprehensive solutions to elevate your employer brand and attract top talent.

Employee Recognition

Elevate your workplace with our Employee Recognition services. We specialise in creating bespoke recognition strategies, designing impactful programs, and training leaders to effectively acknowledge team achievements. A very cost effective and fun way to reinforce positive behaviours.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

We specialise in crafting unique EVPs that articulate your unique employer brand, attracting and retaining top talent. Our comprehensive EVP services guide you through every stage of development.

Employee Engagement

Enhance workplace dynamics to get the best out of your happy people with our Employee Engagement services. Tailored to your unique needs, our services include engagement surveys, communication strategies, listening approaches, recognition programs, and event planning.

Psychosocial Hazards

Assess and manage psychosocial hazards effectively with our tools, training and guidance on strategy.

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