Employee Recognition

Celebrating Success, Building a Culture of Appreciation

Acknowledging Every Milestone

Elevate your workplace with our Employee Recognition services. We specialise in creating bespoke recognition strategies, designing impactful programs, and training leaders to effectively acknowledge team achievements. A very cost effective and fun way to reinforce positive behaviours.

Recognition Strategy

Craft tailored recognition strategies that align with your company values and encourage positive reinforcement.

Program Design

Design comprehensive recognition programs that celebrate achievements and milestones in a meaningful way.

Awards and Honors

Implement creative awards and honours that resonate with your employees and highlight their contributions.
Challenges we solve

Enhancing Motivation through Recognition

We collaborate with you to design customised recognition programs tailored to your unique culture, values, and goals, including criteria, rewards, and recognition channels.

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We provide support in selecting, configuring, and implementing employee recognition platforms and software solutions to streamline the recognition process and enhance employee engagement.

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We conduct assessments and evaluations of recognition programs to measure their effectiveness, gather feedback from employees, and identify opportunities for improvement and optimisation.

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We offer training sessions and workshops to educate leaders, managers, and employees on the importance of recognition, best practices for giving and receiving recognition, and strategies for creating a culture of appreciation.

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We develop peer-to-peer recognition programs and initiatives that empower employees to acknowledge and celebrate each other's contributions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

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We provide consulting services to assess current recognition practices, develop a recognition strategy aligned with organisational goals, and implement effective recognition programs that drive employee engagement and retention.

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Youi Insurance: Creating an Award-Winning Recognition Program

"Youi has a thriving culture which Ryan (exsona Founder) has nurtured over the years with award-winning programs in wellbeing, and reward and recognition."
Hugo Schreuder
Former CEO, Youi Insurance

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