Exsona's Psychosocial Hazard Assessment

Elevate Your Workplace Wellbeing Standards

Transforming Psychosocial Health Management

Navigate the complexities of workplace wellbeing with Exsona’s cutting-edge psychosocial hazard assessment tool. Meet legal requirements effortlessly while fostering a culture of care and compliance.

Simplified Assessment

Utilise our concise, 25-item questionnaire designed for ease and efficiency, accessible via mobile or desktop.

Engaging Communication

Leverage our in-built campaign manager to create and distribute custom communication campaigns with ease.

Intelligent Insights

Gain actionable insights with smart dashboards featuring thematic and sentiment analysis for informed decision-making.
Challenges we solve

Advancing Psychosocial Safety

Ensure your organisation meets the new Code of Practice requirements seamlessly.

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Automated recommendations to guide effective actions and interventions.

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Tailor the assessment to address specific concerns within your organization, allowing for focused insights and more effective interventions.

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Use insights to drive cultural improvements, fostering a healthier workplace environment.

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Engage directly with your team through structured consultations, ensuring every voice is heard and valued in shaping a positive workplace culture.

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Benefit from ongoing support and training sessions designed to maximize the utility of the assessment tool and empower your team to tackle psychosocial hazards proactively.

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Free resources


Psychosocial Hazard Checklist

Blog Post

Unveiling the Invisible: Why Assessing Psychosocial Hazards is Vital for Workplace Wellbeing

Case study

Youi Insurance Wellbeing Strategy Case Study: YourLife Program

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