Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

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Attract and Retain the Best with a Strong EVP

We specialise in crafting unique EVPs that articulate your unique employer brand, attracting and retaining top talent. Our comprehensive EVP services guide you through every stage of development.

Define Your EVP

Dive deep into your company's DNA to discover and articulate a compelling EVP that resonates with both current and potential employees.

Design Your Brand Strategy

Develop a comprehensive brand strategy and identity that embodies your EVP, setting you apart in the competitive talent market.

Promote Your EVP

Implement targeted promotion strategies to ensure your EVP reaches and influences your desired audience, enhancing your recruitment and retention effo
Challenges we solve

Elevating Your Employer Brand

We scope project objectives, conduct employee focus groups, and analyse current states to lay the foundation for your EVP.

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Create your culture story, design brand assets, and establish a 12-month action plan for effective rollout.

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Monitor and adapt your EVP to stay relevant and impactful.

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Prioritize features, confirm measurements, and develop a tailored EVP strategy aligned with your vision.

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Build a compelling employer brand that resonates with current and potential employees.

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Support the implementation and adoption of new initiatives, facilitating a seamless launch and integration into your culture.

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"Exsona are experts when it comes to EVP. They delivered not just a strategy but a comprehensive suite of assets that transformed our employer brand.
Kristie Husk
Talent Acquisition Manager, University of the Sunshine Coast

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