Creating Value Through Culture

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Ryan McGrory
August 4, 2022

Creating a thriving workplace culture is a crucial aspect of any successful company.

Mary Lemonis, Chief People & Sustainability Officer at REA Group, shares her valuable insights and experiences in building a strong workplace culture in the latest episode of Let’s Talk About EX. With her extensive background in the people and culture space, Mary has been focused on leading a humanistic and achievement-oriented culture at REA Group, a leading global digital property business.

We had a great chat - here are some of Mary’s quips of wisdom she shared on the show -

Defining Culture:

"At REA, we talk about strategy and culture as being the twin engines of a plane. Strategy guides us in terms of how we deliver, and culture drives us to deliver."

Mary talks about the fundamental importance of workplace culture, which influences the way people collaborate, communicate, and perform in an organization. For REA, culture isn't confined to a physical location but extends to every interaction, practice, and value embraced by its employees.

Measuring Culture:

"I think it's important to be clear that you're not measuring engagement because they are two different things."

REA employs a robust diagnostic tool, Human Synergistics Culture survey, to measure the collective behaviors that define their culture. Additionally, they use engagement surveys to gauge how employees feel about their experiences.

Creating a Shared Value Proposition:

"I want to create shared value, where we create value for our employees that, in turn, creates value for the organisation."

Mary emphasizes the importance of creating an EVP (Employer Value Proposition) that aligns with the organisation's identity and values.

exsona's model for reviewing EVP success has a similar view - aligning identify and values.

Future of Workplace Culture:

"I think there will be more consistency than not. The importance of leaders and the fundamental truths of human beings will remain unchanged."

While acknowledging the potential for AI and automation to reshape job roles, Mary believes that core elements of workplace culture, such as purpose, growth, and collaboration, will endure. She foresees an increased emphasis on culture, a differentiator for organisations in attracting and retaining top talent.

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