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Value Proposition


With critical talent shortages, quiet-quitting, low unemployment and lots of job movement ... many companies have been taking a look at their Employee Value Proposition (EVP).



Why is an EVP helpful? Well, the results speak loudly. An effective EVP can help companies: 

  • Attract Top Talent - 80% of workers would rather have access to more perks and benefits than a salary increase (Glassdoor).

  • Reduce Employee Turnover - Companies that excel at delivering on their EVPs are able to decrease annual employee turnover by almost 70% (Gartner)

  • Reduce Hiring Costs - the true cost of replacing an employee can be around half to twice their annual salary.

  • Employee Engagement - A compelling EVP increases the likelihood of employees acting as brand ambassadors by up to 47% (Gallup.)

How exsona can support you 

Exsona’s can help you develop a strong EVP that aligns with your people strategy and objectives. We’ll design and deliver an EVP that enhances and elevates your entire employment brand - and it clear, consistent across your channels, and communicated effectively. 


We focus on a four-stage program where we: 

  • Discover - Identify your objectives, conduct research and discover insights.

  • Develop - Develop your EVP messages, strategy and brand guidelines.

  • Design - Design your brand, content and assets.

  • Deliver - Build the EVP into your processes and platforms and roll it out.

What now? 

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