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About Us

Employee Experience (EX) is too important to overlook.


Companies who prioritise EX have: 

  1. Less Turnover

  2. Better Work Performance.

  3. Greater Revenue And More Profits

  4. Increased Employee Engagement

  5. Better Customer Experience

  6. Increased Innovation

Read more about this research here.

How exsona can support you


exsona's approach focusses on defining and developing an employee experience strategy that specifically meets the needs of your overall business strategy and people strategy as well as the unique environment/s and culture of your organisation. We focus on three things. 

EX Strategy 

Develop an effective EX strategy that:

  • Gives you an understanding of the companywide employee lifecycle.

  • Allows you to optimize each stage of your employee life cycle.

  • Creates alignment between EX and your company purpose

EX Management 

Manage your people data so that you are:

  • Measuring the moments that matter.

  • Collecting the right info at the right time.

  • Enabling your leaders to make quick, impactful changes and improvements.

EX Design

Design impactful employee experiences with:

  • A consistent method and framework

  • Data and insights to help identify and prioritise your actions.

  • A model to uplift your people strategies

  • Well-designed employee programs and initiatives

What now? 

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The Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Guide is a free eBook we wrote to help leaders design their own wellbeing strategy.

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Our Let's Talk About EX podcast features a variety of experts who share tips, ideas and successful strategies.


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