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Introducing: Let's Talk About EX

Let's Talk About EX is a brand-new podcast that discusses engagement, culture and employee experience (EX). I touch base with a series of experts and have real conversations on the big topics impacting workplace culture. We pose tough questions, tackle difficult problems and share helpful strategies ... it’s also noise-free, fat-free and gluten-free (so, it’s definitely good for you!)

Karl Treacher, CEO of The Culture Institute of Australia joins me on Episode 1 to talk about the new way of work, and how organisations can adapt. We get candid talking about the sometimes funny, often challenging but always educational aspects of workplace culture.

Let's Talk About EX is aimed at helping fellow practitioners (those working in the People and Culture field), business owners (who are responsible for company culture) start-up founders (looking at creating a winning culture) and senior leaders (looking to develop their understanding of EX).

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