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Assess your psych hazards with exsona

exsona’s psychosocial hazard assessment product helps you meet your legal obligations as part of the new Code of Practice - but also supports the development of a better culture.

exsona is proud to partner with some great brands to improve workplace culture

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How exsona helps

exsona’s Psychosocial Hazards Assessment product helps your organisation ...

Communicate and consult your employees effectively

Understand your psych hazards and what to do to address them

Ensure your organisation is compliant 

Use intelligent insights to drive effective actions


Easy to Complete

We have a succinct question set that's quick for employees to complete (25 items!)

Our questions use everyday language - easy for all employees to interpret and respond to.

Employees can complete via mobile or desktop.

In-built Campaign Manager

Build an entire end-to-end communication campaign in minutes with our campaign manager. 

Choose from a variety of customisable comms templates

Distribute via Email, SMS or instant messenger with the click of the button

Use our notification system to set-up auto-reminders to employees


Dashboards and Action Planning

Smart dashboards displaying results, insights, analysis, correlations and recommendations tailored to the user.

Automated thematic and sentiment analysis of all employee comments.

Action planning tool to capture controls and interventions.

Join Our Pilot

We’re currently looking to partner with organisations to pilot our product. We can provide a great benefit to organisations who are looking to gain a competitive edge and align with the emerging compliance standards, as we help you assess and manage your psychosocial hazards.

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