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Psychosocial Hazard Training

Empower Your Team with Expert Knowledge on Psychosocial Hazards

We offer HR leaders and leadership teams practical tools and training in the psychosocial hazard space.

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Understand Psychosocial Hazards

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Empower your teams!

Understanding and managing psychosocial hazards has become a paramount aspect of maintaining a healthy, productive, and legally compliant work environment.

Exsona is proud to present a series of tailored training sessions designed specifically for HR professionals and organizational leaders.

These sessions offer not only a comprehensive understanding of psychosocial hazards but also practical tools and strategies to address them effectively.

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Session 1: Assessing Psychosocial Hazards, 1.5hr Webinar


  • Title: "Assessing Risks: A Practical Guide to Psychosocial Hazard Identification"

  • Summary: This workshop equips HR professionals with the tools and methodologies to assess psychosocial hazards within their organisation. Participants will learn how to conduct hazard assessments, analyse data, and develop targeted interventions to mitigate risks.

  • Key Outcomes: Attendees will gain practical skills in hazard assessment, data analysis, and action planning, allowing them to take a proactive approach to psychosocial risk management.

Cost: $2,600 (up to 25 people).


Session 2: Practical Hazard Assessment Workshop, 1hr Webinar


  • Title: "Hands-On Hazard Assessment: A Step-by-Step Workshop"

  • Summary: In this workshop, HR and Safety teams will delve deeper into hazard assessment techniques. They will engage in practical exercises to identify and assess psychosocial hazards, refine assessment tools, and share best practices with peers. Key

  • Outcomes: Attendees will acquire advanced skills in psychosocial hazard assessment, allowing them to refine their assessment processes and collaborate effectively to enhance workplace safety.

Cost: $2,000 (up to 25 people).

Session 3: Understanding Psychosocial Hazards, 1hr Webinar

  • Title: "Psychosocial Hazards Unveiled: A Comprehensive Overview"

  • Summary: This session provides HR professionals with a deep understanding of psychosocial hazards, their impact on employees, and the legal obligations under the Code of Practice. We explore how recognising and addressing these hazards can lead to a healthier and more productive workplace.

  • Key Outcomes: Participants will gain insights into identifying psychosocial hazards, understanding compliance requirements, and initiating steps toward creating a safer work environment.

Cost: $2,000 (up to 25 people).

For HR Leaders and Teams

For Organisational Leaders:

Session 1: Leadership Responsibility and Compliance, 1hr Webinar


  • Title: "Leading with Care: Navigating Psychosocial Hazards and Legal Obligations"

  • Summary: This session empowers organisational leaders with an understanding of their responsibilities under the Code of Practice. We delve into compliance requirements, the impact of psychosocial hazards, and leadership's role in mitigating risks.

  • Key Outcomes: Participants will gain knowledge about legal obligations, psychosocial hazard identification, and steps to ensure workplace compliance.

Cost: $2,000

Session 2: Building a Resilient Organizational Culture, 1.5hr Webinar

  • Title: "Cultivating Resilience: Shaping a Supportive Organisational Culture"

  • Summary: This interactive webinar is designed for organisational leaders to explore the critical role of culture in managing psychosocial hazards. It delves into how a supportive and resilient organizational culture can mitigate these hazards and promote employee well-being. Leaders will learn about the elements of a resilient culture, strategies to foster it, and how culture can be a protective factor against workplace stress and burnout.

  • Key Outcomes: Participants will gain an understanding of the link between organisational culture and psychosocial hazards. They will also learn strategies to build and sustain a resilient, supportive workplace culture and understand the role of leadership in modelling and nurturing a culture that prioritizes mental health and resilience.

Cost: $2,500

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